Brands use bit-Miles to crowdsource real time data and establish direct conversations.

What is bitmiles?

bitMiles is a patent-pending technology designed to identify, engage, and promote relationships with Brand Ambassadors.

A brand management system that can help manage your global campaigns and customer relationships, bitMiles provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Capture proprietary insights into the rational and emotional factors that govern customer decision making how, when, and why they engage and disengage from brands,
  • Establish direct partnerships with early brand adopters and advocates as well as the Brand Ambassadors who can drive the uptake and sustained success of global brands,
  • Overcome the challenges of ad-blocker technologies,
  • Recognize and reward customers who define and promote the unique value of a brand,
  • Educate customers on the brand's products and services.

bitMiles is a customizable API that can be implemented on any website or mobile app, offering an easy-to- use 24/7 interface with customers now recognized as critical for the enduring value of global brands.


Examples of campaigns

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