Crowdsourcing real time research, data, and loyalty solutions.

bitMiles Real Time Chat

bitMiles Real Time Chat is an interactive and immediate way for brands and companies to talk with their fans and audience.

The technology can be white labeled and customized to the company's overall look.

As a chatbot, bitMiles Real Time Chat generates a conversation with the users using texts, pictures and links.

See an example of Real Time Chat and Real time stats:

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Real Time Events Conversations

The real time chat survey can be used during events, company presentations, sports games, to collect opinion, data and demographics on the participants.

Real Time Data & Demographics

We help brands and companies connect in real time with their fans and event's participants, understand who they are, what is their level of satisfaction, and opinion on specific topics.

The company saves time and money while gathering key data on their audience and linking to their products sold online or at events.

Real Time Loyalty Rewards

Users are rewarded for their answers and expertise thanks to the bit-miles technology (patent pending), starting from a minimal amount of 1 millionth of a dollar. This global system allows us to verify the truthfulness of the user and cross-reference with previous data, creating a history of the user's participation to the real-time chats.

Real Time Corporate
Conversations & Data

Companies can use the real-time chat as an internal chat survey during company meetings, or at anytime, to involve their employees, regardless of their geographical location.

By talking directly with their employees, companies collect daily, weekly or monthly data and demographics about their stores' sales and most popular products.

Flexible Subscription Plans

2 types of plans: